Benotto Modelo 2500

Benotto model 2500

Year of mfg:               Mid 80’s
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Columbus ?
Bars:                           SR
Barstem:                     SR/Benotto
Bartape:                      Bike Ribbon (re-used original)
Headset:                     Shimano 600
Crank:                         SR
Crankgears:                SR
Bottom bracket:          Shimano 600
Frontderr:                    Shimano 600
Rearderr:                    Shimano 600
Shifters:                       Shimano 600 SIS
Seatpost:                     SR
Seat:                            Benotto
Brakelevers:                Shimano 600
Frontbrake:                  Shimano 600
Rearbrake:                   Shimano 600
Rearhub:                      Shimano 600
Fronthub:                     Shimano 600
Pedals:                         Shimano 600
Toeclips:                      Shimano 600
Toeclipstraps:              Christophe
Spokes:                        Steel
Rims:                            Benotto HR 22
Tires:                            Wolber Rally (re-used originals)

Finding the Benotto Modelo 2500:
Believe it or not, but this all original, authentic and hardly used gem was being offered as one of a pair and refuse to sell … Some where along the way they got split and ended up with the current owner who knew despite the asian specs and italian/mexican origin this was no bike to let pass (a whise decision)

The work:
The bike was given the standard treatment of being fully dismantled and the paint was given a special treatment to enhance the overall look and regain the shine like it left the factory. Due to the fact this bike was so nice and still had a very high ‘as new’ look all parts where mainly cleaned and re-fitted. Again a very nice project to work on with great results a quick look at the pix will prove will prove that.

The finish:
Despite having a italian heritage many Benotto’s (and others) are being overlooked for all the wrong reasons (asian specs, Mexican origin etc etc) this bike would fit many collections as the looks will attract many. “Specs are secundary, looks are primary” is what the current owner say’s something i won’t argue

Replaced parts:
Outer cables
Inner cables


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