Bianchi Rekord 920

Bianchi Rekord 920 all original

Year of mfg:               Mid 80’s
Frame #:                     21045 J.6 14 …
Tubing:                       Columbus
Bars:                           Bianchi
Barstem:                     Bianchi ?
Bartape:                      Bike Ribbon (re-used original)
Headset:                     Gipiemme Azzuro
Crank:                         Campagnolo Victory
Bottom bracket:          Campagnolo Victory
Frontderr:                    Campagnolo Victory
Rearderr:                    Campagnolo Victory
Shifters:                       Campagnolo Victor
Seatpost:                     PG
Seat:                            Benotto
Brakelevers:                Campagnolo Victory
Frontbrake:                  Campagnolo Victory
Rearbrake:                  Campagnolo Victory
Rearhub:                      Campagnolo Victory
Fronthub:                     Campagnolo Victory
Pedals:                         Campagnolo Victory
Toeclips:                      Campagnolo Victory
Toeclipstraps:              Bianchi
Spokes:                        Steel
Rims:                            Ambrosio 19 Super Elite Extra Light
Tires:                            Schwalbe Lugano

Finding the Bianchi Rekord 920:
This lovely Bianchi was bought from the brother of the 1st owner. All original and not ‘butchered’ in any way. The nicest one could wish for. The 1st owner got snuffed in a accident and the other brother had no use for it so decided to sell it thru Ebay. Despite Bianchi’s racing heritage for many it’s ‘too common’, fortunate enough the current owner wanted to have a piece of that history and in memory of one of the greatest rider of all times Fausto Coppi a Bianchi rider for many years.

The work:
The bike was given the standard treatment of being fully dismantled and the paint was given a special treatment to enhance the overall look and regain the shine like it left the factory. Like so many examples that came in to the ‘beauty parlor’ this one was all there, all original which kept things mainly cosmetic. Along the process it was decided that the original bartape and cables would be refitted to keep the authenticity as much as possible intact.

The finish:
Another great example of Italian cycling history back on the road and for future cyclist to admire. These bikes once where all one would desire so nothing has changed over time despite the innovation of material of parts and frames. The fun in owning and riding these classics is beyond marketing bla bla. Riding a piece of history is one of the greatest joy’s to experience and this Bianchi does just that.

Replaced parts:
Inner tires
Outer tires


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