Colnago Master 1st Generation 10 times World Champion

Colnago Master Campagnolo Delta brakes


Year of mfg:              Late 80’s
Frame #:                    Colnago
Tubing:                       Columbus Gilco S4
Bars:                            3TTT
Barstem:                    3TTT
Bartape:                      Unknown
Headset:                     Shimano Dura Ace
Crank:                         Campagnolo C-Record
Bottom bracket:       Campagnolo C-Record
Frontderr:                  Campagnolo C-Record
Rearderr:                    Campagnolo Record
Shifters:                      Campagnolo C-Record
Seatpost:                     Campagnolo C-Record
Seat:                             Selle San Marco Rolls
Brakelevers:               Campagnolo C-Record
Frontbrake:                Campagnolo C-Record Delta
Rearbrake:                  Campagnolo C-Record Delta
Rearhub:                      Campagnolo Record
Fronthub:                    Campagnolo Record
Quick release:             Campagnolo C-Record
Pedals:                          Shimano
Spokes:                         Original Stainless
Rims:                             Wolber Profil 20
Tires:                             Unknown

Finding the Colnago Master 1st generation:
This inevitable Colnago Master that entered the workshop was bought from the 1st owner who was a Colnago fan and went the new route regarding frame materials and decided that the old skool one had to go. Nearly all original ,untouched and authentic. The best finds one could wish for. For the Dutchies the 10 times wc decal refers to Joop Zoetemelks victory (Colnago’s 10th hence the 10 times wc) in the mid 80’s and becoming world champion.

The work:
These bikes as pretty as this one are no challenge to bring back to glory as the previous owner knew what a master stands for and treated it as such. With a payback to the work needed to bring it back to showroom condition. All was dismantled and given a fresh tuneup to make all work fine for many miles to come. Like other examples that found there way to the workshop this one was all there, all original which kept things mainly cosmetic.

The finish:
Another great example of Italian cycling history back on the road and for future cyclist to admire. Hard to believe in today’s internet time with loads of low priced bikes of all makes that many cyclist dreamed over a master and some where fortunate enough to own one, even when decades later …. The fun in owning and riding these classics is a ride on there own. Riding a piece of cycling history like this one is not only fun but a ride back in time.

Replaced parts:
Rear dérailleur
Inner cables SS
Campagnolo Delta brakes





7 thoughts on “Colnago Master 1st Generation 10 times World Champion

  1. Anoniem op februari 8, 2017 om 6:40 pm schreef:
    Thanks for the info.
    There has been several models of the 1st gen just like you mentioned, but 1st gen is referring to the 10 times wc decal.
    As there have been several changes in routining of the brake cable housing.

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