Colnago Master Olympic Decor


Colnago Master Decor 90's

Year of mfg:               1992
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Columbus Gilco
Bars:                            ITM
Barstem:                     ITM
Headset:                     Campy Chorus
Crank:                         Campy Chorus
Crankgears:               Campy Chorus
Bottom bracket:        Campy Chorus
Frontderr:                  Campy Chorus
Rearderr:                    Campy Chorus
Shifters:                      Campy Chorus
Seatpost:                     Campy Chorus
Seat:                             Colnago
Brakelevers:               Campa Chorus
Frontbrake:                Campy Chorus
Rearbrake:                  Campy Chorus
Rearhub:                     Campy Chorus
Fronthub:                    Campy Chorus
Pedals:                         Campy Chorus
Spokes:                        Original
Rims:                            Ambrosio Durex / Colnago
Tires:                            Original

Finding the Colnago Master.
Finally the inevitable Colnago Master that so many pro’s have ridden to eternity over the years it was produces finally arrived in the workshop. It was found by the original owner who lived near the Colnago factory. Fortunately the entire bike was nothing less than in a amazing condition or a time capsule as the original owner only did few miles on it and just one look at the rim sides is all the proof one wants. Needles to say the bike was in pristine condition a true gem everybody wants and that is getting harder and harder to find with each passing day that go’s by.

The work:
Due to the fact that the bike had such a good quality paint and chrome and that the clear coat of the campy parts was undamaged all it needed was basicly a good clean and a good polish on the paintwork bringing back the shine it had when new (as all paint looses it’s shine after a while).

The finish:
As other bikes on this blog show that one can bring back ‘old’ bikes to as new condition sometimes with a bit of help from the previous owner(s) and this one is no exception to that rule. It is needles to see why so many people envy master riders and their bikes.  Yes Ernesto you build very nice bikes and maybe this was your finest hour …

Replaced parts:
Inner cables


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