Fondriest EL-OS Avant Garde

Fondriest EL-OS 90's

Year of mfg:                Mid 90’s
Frame #:                      xxxx
Tubing:                        Columbus EL-OS
Bars:                           Cinelli
Barstem:                     Cinelli
Bartape:                      Bike Ribbon
Headset:                     Shimano 600 Tri-color
Crank:                         Shimano 600 Tri-color
Crankgears:                Shimano 600 Tri-color
Bottom bracket:          Shimano 600
Frontderr:                    Shimano 600 Tri-color
Rearderr:                     Shimano 600 Tri-color
Shifters:                       Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Seatpost:                     Shimano 600 Aero
Seat:                            Selle San Marco Rolls
Brakelevers:                Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Frontbrake:                  Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Rearbrake:                   Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Rearhub:                      Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Fronthub:                      Shimano 600 STI Tri-color
Pedals:                          Shimano 600
Toeclips:                       none
Toeclipstraps:               None
Spokes:                         Steel
Rims:                             Mavic Open Sub CD
Tires:                             Schwalbe Lugano

Finding the Fondriest EL-OS:
While on the search for ‘something diffirent’ the the current owner stumbled across this rare italian beauty and was clever and keen enough to pull the wallet and making the deal.
The bike came as a frameset and although the current owner is rmainly focussing all authentic 1st owner bikes this is one of those exeptions where the wish is overruled by the reality and knowing brands of this quality doesn’t hang on trees like ripe fruit to be picked time was not waisted.

The work:
The frameset was given a good polish on the paintwork and starting from there with a donor bike suppllying the shimano 600 tri-color group the work proceeded.
The dark-grey finish of the Tri-color group matches the special painwork and chrome and after dis/re-assembly and polishing of all parts making this a joy to work on.

The finish:
A ‘head turner’ is the first thing the new owner said. No argument here about that. This bike is on par with many of the highly sought after Colnago Masters regarding the paintwork and overlall looks of the bike. Truely a masterpiece in everyway and a bike to enjoy both on and of the road.

Replaced parts:
Outer cables
Inner cables
Inner tyres
Outer tyres
Bar tape.

Click on the link for a video on vintageveblog youtube channel


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