Gazelle Champion Mondial Model A

Gazelle Champion Mondial Model A

Year of mfg:              1979/1980
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Reynolds 531
Bars:                           SR
Barstem:                     SR
Bartape:                     Velox cotton
Headset:                     Shimano 600 Arabesque
Crank:                         SR
Crankgears:                SR
Bottom bracket:          Tange
Frontderr:                     Shimano 600 Arabesque
Rearderr:                     Shimano 600 Arabesque
Shifters:                        Shimano 600 Arabesque
Seatpost:                      SR
Seat:                             Selle Italia
Brakelevers:                 Shimano 600 Arabesque
Frontbrake:                  Shimano 600 Arabesque
Rearbrake:                   Shimano 600 Arabesque
Rearhub:                      Shimano 600 Arabesque
Fronthub:                      Shimano 600 Arabesque
Pedals:                         KKT Pro
Toeclips:                      Christophe
Toeclipstraps:              Christophe
Spokes:                        Stainless steel
Rims:                            Mavic Module E2
Tires:                            Schwalbe Lugano

Finding the Gazelle Champion Mondial Model A:
The internet offers many things and this Gazelle was no diffirence. The bikeowner (son) told that his father bought it new (sadly no bill of sale included) and that he had many joyfull miles on the Champion Mondial. Due lack of time and interest this bike and so many others was sold and found a new owner.

The work:
The bike was given the standard treatment of being fully dismantled and for starters the paint was given a special treatment to enhance the overall look and regain the shine like it left the factory. In order to have the rest of the parts ‘match’ the look and shine of the bike it was decided that all alloy parts where given a polish and the results speak for themselfs.
Basicly it was a easy project as nearly all parts where in good condition and didn’t need to be replaced.

The finish:
“Wow that’s a fantastic looking classic steel bike” where the words of the  owner and theres little to add when seeing this gem on the screen or in reallife.
The Brussels blue in combination with the silver seatpanel is not a common paintscheme which adds to the overall appriciation for this little gazelle.

Note: do check out the links page where there are 2 links of very usefull info and brochures for Gazelle Champion Mondial Models

Replaced parts:
Outer cables
Inner cables
Inner tyres
Outer tyres
Bar tape.
Dropout adjusters


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