Gios Torino Super Record 1979

Gios Torino Super Record 1979

Year of mfg:              1979
Frame #:
Tubing:                       Columbus SL
Bars:                            Cinelli
Barstem:                    Cinelli
Bartape:                     Cotton white
Headset:                    O.M.A.S. Titanium
Crank:                         Campagnolo Super Record
Bottom bracket:      O.M.A.S. Titanium
Frontderr:                  Campagnolo Super Record
Rearderr:                    Campagnolo Super Record
Shifters:                     Campagnolo Super Record
Seatpost:                    Campagnolo Nuovo Super Record
Seat:                             Unknown
Brakelevers:              Campagnolo Super Record
Frontbrake:               Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Rearbrake:                 Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Rearhub:                    Campagnolo Record
Fronthub:                  Campagnolo Record
Quick release:           Campagnolo Record
Pedals:                        MKS
Toeclips:                     Christophe
Toeclipstraps:           Lapize
Spokes:                       Stainless Steel
Rims:                           Mavic GP4
Tires:                           Conti Giro

Finding the Gios Torino Super Record:
If there is one brand/model that is synonymous with Paris-Roubaix and it’s rider than it must be the Gios Torino. RdV rode the bike into immortality due to his 3 times victory in one of the most appealing cycling events in the world. The 1st owner was so impressed with this that he had to have one and ordered the frameset and as such is was build by the local bike shop with what they had on the shelf and/or was ordered from campagnolo.

The work:
After some discussion it was decided to just give the bike a good basic cleanup that would match the bikes patina that represents Paris-Roubaix the best ‘used, bruised and abused’ all give this bike just that wonderful appeal. The truly unique features of the this bike must be the O.M.A.S. Titanium parts like headset and bracket. Never seen and very rare.

The finish:
Was it Paris-Roubaix that made RdV famous or the other way around … There are bikes that may not have the longest list in victory’s and Gios is no exception to that, but having Paris-Roubaix 3 times is certainly impressive by any standard and something to be proud of. All in all another wonderful piece of Italian cycling history back on the road to enjoy, appreciate and admire for future generations.

Replaced parts:
Inner cables
Outer cables