Koga-Myata Roadwinner

Koga Miyata Roadwinner 80s

Year of mfg:               1980
Frame #:                     J563279CM
Tubing:                       Miyata High Manga
Bars:                           SR Royal
Barstem:                     SR Royal
Bartape:                      Velox (re-used original)
Headset:                     Tange Industries
Crank:                         Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Crankgears:                Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Bottom bracket:          Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Frontderr:                    Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Rearderr:                     Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Shifters:                       Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Seatpost:                     SR
Seat:                            San Marco Concor
Brakelevers:                Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Frontbrake:                  Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Rearbrake:                  Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Rearhub:                      Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Fronthub:                     Dura Ace EX 7200 Black Edition
Pedals:                        Dura Ace EX 7200
Toeclips:                     Dura Ace EX 7200
Toeclipstraps:             Christophe
Spokes:                       Steel chrome
Rims:                           Mavic Module E2
Tires:                           Wolber (re-used originals)

The Find:
This Koga had a amazing story. It sad in a dealersshowroom in 1980 and refused to sell. Perhaps due to the fact that Joop Zoetemelk wond the TdF in 1980 season one dutch cyclist became enthusiastic and bought the now one year old from new Koga. However he didn’t wanted the standard specs and went for the best from Shimano the Dura Ace black editon. Perhaps the most unique group ever made by Shimano that definately gave Campaq a run for there money. Sadly though the enthusiasm was killed very soon due to the harshride and the bike was stored for many years. The son in his teens took the bike out around the block and left his ‘handwriting’ up with a huge wobble in the rearwheel. This bike was bought from that ‘kid’ all complete with bill of sale.

The work:
Well due to the fact that the bike was ‘as new’ as bought the main work was simple to check, clean and a good polish. The amazing fact is that the entire bike is exept for the spokes that ware replaced due to rust is all authentic even down to the cables, tires etc.

The finish:
A stunning time capsule and a one off unique bike regarding the whole story. Despite the fact that many of the 70’s and 80’s bikes that have rather plain paintwork (this Koga is no execption to that) it’s the whole story that makes this bike unique in everyway and a joy to watch and ride. Again proof that it’s not necessarily the ‘badge’ on the frame that creates a ‘interesting’ bike. Congrats to the current owner for realizing that.

Replaced parts:


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