Legnano Competition

Legnano Competition 70s

Year of mfg:               1976/1978
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Falck
Dropouts:                   Campagnolo
Bars:                           3TTT
Barstem:                     3TTT
Bartape:                      Benotto (re-used original)
Cables:                       Outer/inner (re-used original)
Headset:                     Legnano
Crank:                         Legnano/Ofmega
Crankgears:                Legnano/Ofmega
Bottom bracket:          Ofmega
Frontderr:                    Campagnolo Nuovo Valentino
Rearderr:                    Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Shifters:                       Campagnolo Valentino Extra
Seatpost:                     G.P. ?
Seat:                            Selle Italia Super Professional
Brakelevers:                Weinmann
Frontbrake:                  Weinmann 500
Rearbrake:                   Weinmann 500
Rearhub:                      Legnano/Ofmega
Fronthub:                     Legnano/Ofmega
Pedals:                         Mks Quill 2K
Toeclips:                      Ballila
Toeclipstraps:              Unknown
Spokes:                        Stainless steel
Rims:                            Fiamme red label tubes
Tires:                            Schwalbe Lugano tubes

Finding the Legnano Competition:
Believe it or not, but this all original, authentic Legnano was being offered on a very popular internet site and no one wanted it ! It turned out that the seller was the son of the original owner that had passed away and it was decided that his bike would have to go as no one had any interest in this ‘old’ bike. While spotted by the current owner it was decided not letting this one pass by (as the hunt was for a famous green one) and the bike soon found it’s way to the workshop for a complete overhaul.

The work:
While all bikes that are going thru a overhaul it was taken apart and and going thru the necessary steps in getting it to back showroom condition while keeping as much authentic as possible. So the paintwork was taken care of as where the majority of the bits and pieces. There where several places on the frame covered with dirt which was near impossible to remove. It looked like a mix of tar and years of dirt that sadly had left it’s mark on the chainstay. Other than that it was a joy to work on the bike that had very little wear and tear.

The finish:
This Legnano stil carries that mistique when Bartali rode this brand decades before into the history books which is part of why so many enthusiasts ‘want’ one. Despite that this build year and model is not from the years Legnano was ‘the’ bike to own it still is another piece of great italian cycling history. A great ride and a real beauty to look at. As the current owner say’s “it’s not allway’s the specs that makes the ‘value’ of a bike”. I agree with the current owner this is another one of those bikes that fall into that category.

Replaced parts:
Spokes (SS)


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