Locomotief Tour de France


Year of mfg:                Late 60s
Frame #:                      xxxx
Tubing:                       Reynolds 531 (all tubing)
Bars:                           Unknown
Barstem:                     Pivo
Bartape:                      Cotton
Headset:                     Unknown
Crank:                         Stronglight 49D
Crankgears:                Stronglight 49D
Bottom bracket:          Unknown
Frontderr:                    Campagnolo Valentino (matchbox)
Rearderr:                     Campagnolo Valentino Extra
Shifters:                       Campagnolo record
Seatpost:                     Simplex
Seat:                            Brooks B17
Brakelevers:                Mafac
Frontbrake:                  Mafac Racer
Rearbrake:                  Mafac Racer
Rearhub:                     Campagnolo Record
Fronthub:                    Campagnolo Record
Pedals:                        Lyotard
Toeclips:                     Christophe
Toeclipstraps:             Christophe
Spokes:                       Steel (rusty)
Rims:                           Mavic GP4
Tires:                           Vittoria
Bottleholders               Reg
Waterbottles               Unknown

Finding the Locomotief Tour de France:
This rare bike was found at a seller in the big city who found it on his standard weekly route checking out garbage cans ….
It was complete ripped and used as a donor bike as nearly all the original parts where removed (except the headset and crank wich is due to the diffirenct size of the puller).
So this left the owner with some options like what brand parts to use and to preserve or restore. In the end it was decided to preserve the bike and rebuild it as such giving the patina it’s full glory

The work:
Unlike all the other bikes that came in the workshop this one needed a diffirent approach as to keep the patina alive so the bike was not cleaned, but just assembled as the parts came in. It probebly was fitted with simplex (see the lnks page (gazelle/locomotief) as campy parts of this era was very expensive however it was decided to go with a common, but not highly regarded Valentino set as this was according to the owner a better ‘match’ than simplex.

The finish:
This bike is not 100% original or authentic it was build on a budget and what was availible. It is what could have been a build up as like today the amount of money is a key factor in the level of quality. One thing that will never change is the quality of the frameset (tubing) being used and this bike has it all. A top quality frame and mid range specs remains a good handling bike instead of vice versa that will never change.

The owner wanted the waterbottles on the handlebar allthough it’s not original and authentic, but it adds to the whole bkes appearance.

Replaced parts:


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