Unknown Dutch cycling brand Stormvogel

Year of mfg:               70s/80s
Frame #:                     M9D03724
Tubing:                       Tange Champion
Bars:                           SR Road Champion
Barstem:                     Ace
Bartape:                      Velox
Headset:                     Unknown
Crank:                         Nervar
Bottom bracket:          Nervar
Frontderr:                    Shimano 600
Rearderr:                    Shimano 600 Arabesque
Shifters:                       Shimano 600 Arabesque
Seatpost:                     Unknown
Seat:                            Jaquar suede
Brakelevers:                Shimano
Frontbrake:                  Shimano 600 Arabesque
Rearbrake:                   Shimano 600 Arabesque
Rearhub:                      Shimano 600 Arabesque
Fronthub:                      Shimano 600 Arabesque
Pedals:                         Kyokuto Top Run
Toeclips:                       Afa
Toeclipstraps:               Christophe
Spokes:                        Steel SS
Rims:                             Mavic Module E
Tires:                             Schwalbe Lugano

Finding the Stormvogel:
This kinda rare unknown Dutch brand Stormvogel was found thru an add and sadly little information was given by the owner (just a guy who wanted to make a buck). It turned out to be a LBS (local bike store) bike from a cyclingshop in Gouda (well known for there sirupwafels) wich was connected to the local cyclingclub. As far as information go’s the former cyclingshop has now been transfered to a electronicshop. So here is your typical mid range bike that has all the looks and specs to enjoy cyclig to the max.

The work:
When the bike arrived in the ‘beauty parlor’ it received the standard package and along the way it was decided in order to give the chrome parts on the bike maximum attention that the aloy parts would receive a mild polish just to remove the ‘weathering’ which proves to be the right decision.

The finish:
This time no famous brand or famous framebuilder, but a LBS bike that deserves it’s own kind of appreciation. Even today LBS bikes are being sold and offer many great fun for a affordable price and this gem is no exeption to that rule. A very nice bike and a tribute to all these shops that offer cyclists a affordable option in cycling fun. Remember it’s the legs that do the ‘talking’ not the badge on the frame …

Replaced parts:
Inner tires
Outer tires
Inner cables
Outer cables
Spokes SS


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