Jan Jansen Vitus 979 Dural

Jan Jansen Vitus 979 Dural

Year of mfg:               1984/1985/1986
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Vitus dural 979
Bars:                           Cinelli
Barstem:                     Cinelli
Bartape:                      Bike Ribbon
Headset:                     Dura Ace 7400
Crank:                         Dura Ace 7400
Crankgears:                Dura Ace 7400
Bottom bracket:          Dura Ace 7400
Frontderr:                    Dura Ace 7400
Rearderr:                     Dura Ace 7400
Shifters:                       Dura Ace 7400
Seatpost:                     Vitus
Seat:                            Rolls
Brakelevers:                Dura Ace 7400
Frontbrake:                  Dura Ace 7400
Rearbrake:                  Dura Ace 7400
Rearhub:                      Dura Ace 7400
Fronthub:                     Dura Ace 7400
Pedals:                        KKT Pro
Toeclips:                     Christophe
Toeclipstraps:             Christophe
Spokes:                       Steel chrome
Rims:                           Wolber Champion
Tires:                           Schwalbe Lugano

The Find:
This Jan Jansen Vitus (JJ was in the mid  80s the sales distributor of Vitus in Holland) was found in a neglegted state and was either a parts bike or one heck of a ‘project”.
Because the bike had family roots it was decided that despite the ‘challenges’ the goal would be showroom condition.

The work:
Due to the fact that the colour red was a chemical proces and no paint (theres little one can do to improve that) and alloy would look lovely when polished the battle was on knowing that everything (read: everything) had a clear coat and was removed by hand using 9 diffirent grids op sandpaper.

The finish:
Well needless to say this baby looks as good on screen as in real. The chalenges where many, but the result is one to remember while not replacing parts on the bike keeping it as authentic as it once left the dealer showroom. A nos zefal was added to enhance the look of the bike.
The original owner was still alive and kicking to admire ‘his’ former bike and the biggest ‘reward’ was a smile on his face ….

Replaced parts:
Outer cables
Inner cables
Inner tyres
Outer tyres
Bar tape.


2 thoughts on “Jan Jansen Vitus 979 Dural

  1. Hi Roel,
    The Vitus is a lovely bike to own and or restore.
    Being one of the 1st with aluminium tubing and Shaun Kelly doing his thing on a Vitus makes it a worthwhile bike to own and appreciate.
    Enjoy yours.

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