Duell Performance

Duell Performance 2001 made by Jan van Dalen

Year of mfg:               2001
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Dedacciai 14
Bars:                           ITM
Barstem:                     ITM
Bartape:                      Cork
Headset:                     Campa Chorus
Crank:                         Campa Chorus
Crankgears:                Campa Chorus
Bottom bracket:          Campa Chorus
Frontderr:                    Campa Chorus
Rearderr:                     Campa Chorus
Shifters:                       Campa Chorus
Seatpost:                     ITM
Seat:                            Selle San Marco
Brakelevers:                Campa Chorus
Frontbrake:                  Campa Chorus
Rearbrake:                  Campa Chorus
Rearhub:                     Campa Chorus
Fronthub:                     Campa Chorus
Pedals:                         Shimano mtb
Spokes:                        Steel chrome
Rims:                            Mavic Open Pro
Tires:                            Continental GP

Finding the Duell Perfomance.
There are several way’s in finding a vintage or classic steel racing bicycle and receiving it from a family member is just on of these options. This Duell Perfomance was such a case and came with the bill of sale included.
It was bought new in 2001 from masterbuilder Jan van Dalen (see the links page) who still makes fine examples of steel racing bicycles.It’s a credit tot the painter (Brady van Dalen) see the links page and the quality of the chroming that make this bike stand out after more than a decade and over 11000 Km’s in several types of weather

The work:
Due to the fact that the bike had such a good quality paint and chrome and that the clear coat of the campy parts was undamaged all it needed was basicly a good clean and a good polish on the paintwork bringing back the shine it had when new (as all paint looses it’s shine after a while).

The finish:
Well here is again proof that with a bit of luck and some elbow grease classic bikes that are considered old can look very nice indeed without a repaint as it’s only original and authentic once.
Not only the new owner, but the  1st owner both where very pleased with the result and despite this Duell Perfomance is no a classic yet, it can be with some LTD within time i’m sure. Just check the pix and see if you agree with me.

Replaced parts:
Inner cables


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