Ciocc San Cristobal

Ciocc San Cristobal new classic

Year of mfg:               2014
Frame #:                     xxxx
Tubing:                       Columbus Nobium Steel SL
Bars:                           Ital Manubri
Barstem:                     3TTT
Bartape:                      Bike Ribbom
Headset:                     Tange Levin NJS
Crank:                         Campa Veloce
Crankgears:                Campa Veloce
Bottom bracket:          Campa Veloce
Frontderr:                    Campa Veloce
Rearderr:                     Campa Veloce
Shifters:                       Campa Veloce
Seatpost:                     No Name classic
Seat:                            Selle Italia Rolls
Brakelevers:                Campa Veloce
Frontbrake:                  Campa Veloce
Rearbrake:                  Campa Veloce
Rearhub:                     Campa Veloce
Fronthub:                     Campa Veloce
Pedals:                         Shimano mtb
Spokes:                        Stainless Steel
Rims:                            Ambrosio Excursion
Tires:                            Continental GP Classic

Building the Ciocc San Cristobal.
Unlike the ‘true’ classics shown in the gallery this a newly bought Ciocc of the shelf.
So no need to clean, polish etc all was spic and span and a joy to work on. Mainly the group set needed the polish work and despite it was just a revamp of the clear coat it looks amazingly new and blends in just as perfect as can be.
Needles to say that this is a eye catcher in it’s own way. Who ever talks about ‘old skool’ as being ‘old skool’ should look again and have a ride …

Fortunately company’s like Ciocc and few others have understood that the future is honoring the past and this San Cristobal is the perfect example of that.


4 thoughts on “Ciocc San Cristobal

  1. Hi, Anonymus,
    A Ciocc is a brand not everybody is familiar with, but in ’77 it was a world champion winner so this frame is a copy of that winning frame hence the name San Cristobal.
    Yes, in real the colors are even more eye popping than the photo tells the eye.
    It’s for sale as you have seen.
    Thanks for the compliment though.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Someone,
    Yes the bike is really nice especially in the sun as it has what is know as ‘old brown’ paintwork.
    Treasure the ride you have and enjoy old steel 🙂
    Best regards VV

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